Saturday, 21 April 2018

Podcast 61 - Hack Job Special

This month's podcast has been hijacked by those lovable chaps in Hack Job. Alan put the kettle on and we drank our tea as we talked about some of their favourite records, their influences and played some of their as yet unreleased songs. It was a fun evening, and I also managed to squeeze a couple of my own selections in there too. Enjoy the noise....

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RASH DECISION - 900 Minutes - from forthcoming Karochi LP

HACK JOB - Skeleton Fight*

CAPITALIST CASUALTIES - Left A Scar - from split with MDC - Slap A Ham
PISSED JEANS - Health Plan - from Honeys - Sub Pop
SPAZZ - WWF Rematch At The Cow Palace - from Le Revancha - Sound Pollution
NAPALM DEATH - Out Of Sight Out Of Mind - Order Of The Leech - Feto Records

HACK JOB - Fleas From A Stinking Rat*

BRAIN ANGUISH - I Didn’t Speak Up - from Demo - Bandcamp

NOFX - Green Corn - from Ribbed LP - Epitaph
MELT BANANA - Shield Your Eyes, A Beast in the Well Of Your Hand - from Cell Scape - A Zap
MUNICIPAL WASTE - Mind Eraser - from Hazardous Mutation - Earache
CEREMONY - Living Hell - from Violence Violence LP - Malfunction

HACK JOB - In It For Life*

EXTREME NOISE TERROR - People Not Profit - from Peel Sessions - Earache
JOHNNY MOPED - Incendiary Device - from 7” - Chiswick
PIZZA TRAMP - The Idiots Guide Toe The Internet - from Revenge Of The Bangatronic Dan LP - TNS
DOCTOR & THE CRIPPENS - Ever Been To Utah? - from Fire From The Circus LP - Manic Ears

HACK JOB - Last Place In The Master Race*

BOBBY FUNK - Stathams Of The Crass - from Avocado Stains 12” - TNS

HACK JOB - That’s Not Distortion, That’s Tinnitus**

* - From forthcoming split with Conqueror Worm
** - From split 7” with Hooked On Christ

Hear more HACK JOB at Bandcamp

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