Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Top Twenty

It’s getting to the time of year when zine writers start to think about summing up the good the bad and the ugly, and making lists.
Personally I’ll be glad to see the back of 2012, this year has been like a sea of shit with little islands of happiness dotted around; it’s been a real struggle to get to those little islands without drowning in the raging tide of crap. More than once things have seemed hopeless, and my self esteem has hit rock bottom. I dread to think what would happen if I didn’t have my family and punk rock. Anyway, below are some things that have lifted my spirits this year...

Hold on, hold on, hold on. It seems I was a little hasty in making this post; as another wave of shit wipes me out, some more great music reaches me and made me feel life was a little less worthless...

Geriatric Unit "Never Give Up" 12"
Needles "Desesperación" EP
Anthrax “All For The Cause” LP & Live in Southampton
Sudor 7”EP / Amigo Blas zine
Porkeria 7”EP & Live in Brighton
First Times 7”EP
Belgrado “Panopticon / Vicious Circle” 7”
The Gutters “Should We Make A Seven Inch” 7”
1981 “Cycle/Symptom” 7”
Desperat “Demokrati Eller Diktatur?” 7” & "Början På Slutet" 7"
Epic Problem 7” & new recordings
Ilegal “El Aire Libre Fuera De Los Dientes Del Monstruo Tirano Y Canibal” LP & “Callejon Sin Salida” 7”
School Jerks s/t LP
The Phoenix Foundation “Silence” LP
Kuudes Silmä 7”EP
State Funeral “Protest Music” 7” & Artcore 30
Big Eyes “Back From The Moon” 7”
Citizens Patrol “Retarded Nation” 7”
Burnt Cross “Mankind’s Obituary” CD
Shame s/t Tape
OFF! s/t LP & Live in Brighton
Punch Live in Brighton
GET SHOT - A Visual Diary 1985-2012 by Martin Sorrondeguy
THE ART OF PUNK by Russ Bestley & Alex Ogg
ARMED WITH ANGER - How UK Punk Survived The Nineties by Ian Glasper

And putting out The Shorts 7". I didn't think we, as Suspect Device, would release another record and I didn't think that I'd be in another band that would release anything on vinyl. Both things make me very happy. 

There's a new issue of Suspect Device out too -