Sunday, 19 May 2013

Podcast 2

So, the first one went down surprisingly well, so thanks to everyone who took the time to listen and then say they liked it. That means that you only have yourselves to blame for this one appearing. I am aware that if you use FireFox as your browser you weren't able to play the last one, and I can't work out why. I need to give it some thought, but I'm guessing this one will be the same. If you are having trouble playing this try another browser or get in touch at

This time we have a bit of a Grave Mistake Records love in and a guest set from Steve Ballam of Violent Arrest.

If you want to buy any of the records these songs appear on, check out the distro list on our website -  Suspect Device website


For FireFox...


PAINT IT BLACK - Props For Ventriloquism - from "Invisible" 7"EP - No Idea 

Grave Mistake set
BAD ADVICE - Do Not Resuscitate - from "Do Not Resuscitate" 7"EP
BIG EYES - Back From The Moon - from "Back From The Moon" 7"EP
SCHOOL JERKS - Why Ask Why? - from self titled LP
NIGHT BIRDS - Prognosis Negative - from "Fresh Kills Vol.1" LP

VIOLENT ARREST - Collateral Damage - from "Distorted View" LP - Boss Tuneage

Steve “Boston Baz” Ballam set...
BARGE - Keep Your Money - from "No Gain" 7"EP - Grave Mistake
ANTI-SYSTEM - Rhetorical Stagnation - from "No Laughing Matter" LP - Reconciliation
DIATRIBE - Aftermath - from "Demo '86"
NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE - Nightstick Justice - from self titled 7"EP - Way Back When

BELGRADO - Panopticon - from "Panopticon / Vicious Circle" 7" - La Vida Es Un Mus
BURNT CROSS - Won’t Back Down - from "Protest Punk" 7"EP - Tadpole (and others)
EXTERNAL MENACE - This Country - from split with Rectify 7"EP - Suspect Device

NO STATIK - Earnest - from "Everywhere You Aren't Looking" LP - Prank