Friday, 26 July 2013

Podcast 5

Another podcast, another friend along to help. Enjoy.

These podcasts will now appear on the Suspect Device website, but for anyone who's having problems with that here is the new one...

As ever if you want to buy any of these records, there's a good chance we will have some them in stock, so take a look at the Suspect Device Shop

For FireFox...

NIGHT BIRDS - No Spoilers - from Born To Die In Suburbia LP - Grave Mistake
THE SHIRKS - Cry Cry Cry - from Cry Cry Cry 7” - Grave Mistake
SECTARIAN VIOLENCE - Conflict Of Interest - from Upward Hostility LP - Grave Mistake

CONFLICT _ Berkshire Cunt - from To A Nation Of Animal Lovers 7” - Corpus Christi
CRASS - So What? - from The Feeding Of The 5000 12” - Small Wonder/Crass

THIRTY SIX STRATEGIES - One Of These Days - from Strategy One CD - Boss Tuneage
THE C-30s - Beachburn Baby - from Help Point CD - self released
VIOLENT ARREST - Punk To The Core - from Distorted View LP - Boss Tuneage

ZOUNDS - Sick Of Work - from Ancient Briton/Sick Of Work 7” - Overground
ATTACK! VIPERS! - Ghost Town Blues - from Deadweight Revival LP - Yo-Yo
THE INSTIGATION - Brainwashed - from s/t 7” - self released

THE TONE - I Don’t Wanna Talk About It - from split 7” with Annalise - Suspect Device
HARD SKIN - Police Car (Chasing You) - from On The Balls - JT Classics

ENDSTAND - Can’t Tell No One - from Live In Helsinki 22/5/2010 LP - Combat Rock Industry