Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Twenty One Again

I was recently reading the 2012 Top Tens in the February issue of Maximum RocknRoll and a couple of things occurred to me. First, I found it a bit perplexing that Needles "Desperacion" EP wasn't number 1 on everyone's list and, second, there are currently some really great bands putting out really great records. 
Bands like Replica, No Statik, Belgrado, Sect, Sudor, Punch, Night Birds, Big Eyes, Violent Arrest, Potty Mouth, Desperat, Arctic Flowers, Ilegal and S.H.I.T and, of course, Needles to name but a few. These bands are making music that makes me feel alive, excites me and inspires me want to interview them and review their records and read their lyrics. There have always been certain points, in the history of punk that have thrown up a whole clutch of great bands, and thankfully we are at one of those points now.
I guess the world wide economic climate has had a hand in people finding that forming a band to express their political frustrations and anger has played a part, as more and more people become angry at their government's persecution of the poor in favour of the rich. This may well have something to do, directly or indirectly, with so many great bands being active in Spain right now.

Even at the age of 46, hearing these bands make me feel that connection to punk, a connection that I feel burning inside, inspiring me to do more, to be creative and do more stuff.
I like that there's some variety there too, just like all the best explosions, although there are some bands of similar style, there are also bands who sound completely different, but their attitude and ethos tie them together under the punk umbrella. Today I've happily listened to No Static, Replica, Arctic Flowers and Sect, back to back and loved them all. Who knows tomorrow it could be Needles and Potty Mouth, or Night Birds and Punch, and I could go on. I love it

And what's more there's a new Paint It Black record due soon as well.