Thursday, 5 July 2012

Forever Seventeen

Instead of some waffle from me this time I thought I'd do a little to help Grave Mistake Records spread some news. Here's what Alex had to say...

1. I'm running a 50% off code for the Grave Mistake bandcamp page - so anyone who wants to buy some music off the site can enter the code GMDIGITHNX and get half off their downloads.

2. I'm running a little 7" special, any four Grave Mistake 7" releases for $12 plus shipping. Customers can choose from a list of available releases, but it includes pretty much every GM title I currently have in print, including all of 2012's releases.

I have all of the info in a a full update on the Grave Mistake Blog / Webiste here:

And the bandcamp page is here:

And the link to the 7" special is here:

Thanks, Alex

P.O. BOX 12482